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Low max resolution in external monitor

asked 2018-06-12 11:04:57 -0500

revolucion09 gravatar image

updated 2018-06-12 12:40:39 -0500

Hi all,

Using Fedora 28 KDE on my Yoga 920 Laptop. Plugging in an external 2K Monitor (2560x1440), shows only a resolution of 1920x1080 (the same than my internal laptop display).

What can I do in order to show the appropriate 2k resolution on the monitor?.

Connection is through USB-c -> HDMI adapter.

Edit: Restarting now detects even lower resolution of 1280x720 so something is definitely wrong Edit2: Using xrandr to manually add new modes doesn't work. Switching afterwards shows black screen and comes back

Thanks, R09

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-06-12 12:58:30 -0500

revolucion09 gravatar image

Fixed it,

cvt 2560 1440

xrandr --newmode "2560x1440_60.00"  312.25  2560 2752 3024 3488  1440 1443 1448 1493 -hsync +vsync

xrandr --addmode DP-1 2560x1440_60.00

First time didn't work but after restarting and reconnecting, plus these commands it worked. Too bad the system isn't capabile of properly detecting right resolutions.

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