Channels for Ask Fedora users/mods/admins

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updated 2018-06-10 06:22:43 -0500

We've set up channels on Telegram and IRC where users/moderators/admins of Ask Fedora can hang out, and discuss issues and so on. They are at:

If you are an Ask Fedora moderator/admin or a user interested in helping out with management etc. on Ask Fedora, please join the channels and speak to us. :)

Please note that these channels are not meant for general troubleshooting. Please continue to use Ask Fedora for that. We also have other channels where you can get help:

More Fedora IRC channels and mailing lists are listed here. A complete list of Telegram channels can be found here

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@FranciscoD_ Good initiative I will join as soon as posible, regards.,

hhlp gravatar imagehhlp ( 2018-06-10 07:02:53 -0500 )edit