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In Seahorse, why is the PGP Keys/GnuPG keys section missing?

asked 2018-05-28 20:20:57 -0500

jackyjack gravatar image

When I open Seahorse, the section for PGP keys and the sub-section for GnuPG keys is missing in Fedora 28.

KGpg was not available in the software, but I was able to install it manually. Second question: why is KGpg no longer available in the software section?

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-05-29 01:35:29 -0500

villykruse gravatar image

There are already 3 bugzilla reports about that.

If you must, you can for the time being install the fc27 version:

dnf install --releasever=27 seahorse-3.20.0-6.fc27

That version does show the gpg keys.

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That worked like a charm. I really appreciate it. Hey, not everyone reads Bugzilla reports. In fact, I have no idea what those are. Thanks again!

jackyjack gravatar imagejackyjack ( 2018-05-29 04:21:22 -0500 )edit
genodeftest gravatar imagegenodeftest ( 2018-05-31 06:08:40 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-05-28 21:13:58 -0500

PaulD gravatar image

Well, I am unsure if it is related, but 2 weeks ago, a massive problem related on how PGP is integrated to email has come on. The recommendation, was/is to avoid using PGP for email until this is settled.

You can read more about it:

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I appreciate you trying to help. It is not that problem you mentioned.

jackyjack gravatar imagejackyjack ( 2018-05-29 04:22:50 -0500 )edit

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