Fedora 27 and 28 Why do I get Unsupported Format error message?

asked 2018-05-27 10:14:35 -0500

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Computer Gurus -Have one that is confusing me.

My desktop worked great up to yesterday, when I uplugged everything to re-arrange the office/radio shack. UP to then I had twin monitors - one using VGA and the other DVI. The DVI cable is not long enough to reach between the computer and the monitor with the re-arrangement. If I boot up using just the VGA monitor, all seems OK until the OS actually boots (I get the booting up scrolling blurbs) then I get "Format not supported".

My suspicion was this was due to installed Linux seeing the DVI monitor as Monitor 1 until I actually log in then it swaps to the higher rez VGA monitor. Which it does.

This morning I tried booting off the Live DVD and got exactly the same results, so now I am wondering if it BIOS issue or something going wrong with the video card. Double-tested and the Live CD Boots my laptop OK. The CD was used to install Fedora 27 on both the desktop and the laptop originally.

Right now I have power unplugged, as I did yesterday, to see what happens when I plug it back in

My next troubleshooting step is to borrow the spare monitor and try it again.

Computer is an HP Workstation with 4GB RAM and an VIdia video card. Cannot recall exactly but rz is set to something like 1300 x ?

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