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Since a few days my power button doesn't suspend the device anymore

asked 2018-05-27 06:08:28 -0500

Daniel Rindt gravatar image

Hello Fedora-Users,

since a few days my power button on the laptop (Dell 9370) doesn't work anymore as before. Previously i pushed this button to let the system go to sleep (suspend, S3). But now it has no effect. The system S3, suspend work well, so i can trigger it by closing the lid or wait for the timeout set in gnome settings. It would be great getting a pointer how to solve it.

Thank you, Daniel

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answered 2018-05-27 23:44:15 -0500

PaulD gravatar image

Supposing you are using KDE (if I do, everybody should!), you can open Fedora Menu/System-Settings/Hardware/Power Management. Choose Energy Saving to the left, to the right make sure 'Buttons event handling' is checked. Under it,"When power button pressed", choose "Suspend" ... or maybe "Hybrid Suspend". In the left, choose "Activity Settings ", and make sure that for each activity, "Don't use special settings" is chosen.

I don't know in Gnome... maybe you will need the "Gnome tweak tool" package installed.

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