Can KDE sessions restore GTK app desktop locations?

asked 2018-05-18 06:42:24 -0500

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I use KDE (under Fedora 28, but this issue has existed for as long as I remember), but I also use some apps written to GTK, notably Evolution and Firefox. My setup uses 6 virtual desktops (workspaces), including one dedicated to Evolution and 3 with different Firefox windows, each with its own set of tabs. I have the Restore Manually Saved Session option enabled, and all my KDE apps do restore correctly, as does Evolution. However Firefox always fires up with all the windows on one desktop. In fact it's not even the same one as it appears to vary randomly from one session to another, though it could be linked to which one I happened to be using when I logged out (I haven't checked). I update the system every morning so I tend to restart my sessions quite frequently. Everything else about Fedora startup is really fast, so it's annoying to have to spend time manually moving Firefox windows around. This problem is not specific to Firefox as I have exactly the same experience with Chrome, so I'm looking for a general solution.

Is there a workaround or fix for this? I know that Gnome supports workspaces as well, and presumably session restore works correctly there, but is this not some XDG-related standard?

(I've asked on the Fedora KDE mailing list and had no response).

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