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Why can I not run Netbeans with Oracle JDK under Fedora 26?

asked 2018-05-11 20:46:19 -0500

hsljo gravatar image

In previous versions of Fedora it was trivial to establish a working environment for Java, etc, development in Netbeans. All I had to do was to download Oracle JDK RPM, install it, then do the same with Netbeans. And it worked OOB.

Under Fedoar 26 however, I followed the same steps, but Netbeans keeps throwing this error message when loading:

The JDK is missing and is required to run some NetBeans modules Please use the --jdkhome command line option to specify a JDK installation or see for more information.

I played with OpenJDK uninstall (which ironically only tried to reinstall itself until I did that from the command line intead of using a package manager) and reinstalled Oracle JDK ad nauseum but no matter what Netbeans would not detect the presence of JDK. It works under the older Fedora, and under Windows, but not under 26. What has changed?

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answered 2018-05-12 07:27:57 -0500

hsljo gravatar image

updated 2018-05-12 07:28:54 -0500

Solved this by completely uninstalling OpenJDK from dnf command line (Yumex-DNF kept reinstalling it in the same session as uninstall), then erasing all Netbeans folders ( refused to work as it too could not find JDK), and uninstalling Oracle JDK from dnf command line.

Then I reinstalled Oracle JDK and reinstalled Netbeans. Everything now works.

It sounds like Netbeans 8.2 cannot work with OpenJDK, or installing Oracle JDK over the installed OpenJDK corrupted whatever Netbeans used to discover JDK location.

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