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Fedora 28 not booting on UEFI

asked 2018-05-05 04:56:05 -0500

lamo gravatar image

updated 2018-05-05 04:56:26 -0500

I tried to make Live USB of Fedora 28 using DD, or extracting ISO to USB formatted to GPT with FAT32 and setting boot flag under Linux Mint, and I've tried using Rufus under Windows. None of these worked, and I've got either kernel panic or it didn't boot at all. I've tried downloading ISO image two times, so it shouldn't be problem with broken ISO. I haven't tried Fedora Image Creator yet, will it make a difference? Can you help me please?

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answered 2018-05-07 08:16:31 -0500

lamo gravatar image

Problem solved, it was a BIOS issue on my computer. It was solved by resetting BIOS settings to factory, and choosing another USB drive. And I used DD command to make a bootable USB.

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