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upgrade 27 to 28 issue

asked 2018-05-03 16:46:38 -0500

computethisnow gravatar image

I have just tried upgrading 27 to 28 and during transaction check states conflicts with fwupdate-efi-8-4.fc26.i686 Anyone have suggestions, I believe I have upgraded this machine since version 24 the same way. I also have tried software upgrade route and issue arises with same file, and i have used rm -rf that file but error still arises I have tried dnf clean packages and it shows 0 packages removed after i removed with this command I also have used dnf clean all command and same issue. i do not believe i had this issue from 26 to 27

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answered 2018-05-03 19:42:25 -0500

mattdm gravatar image

Using rm won't fix the package conflict, because (except for in its verification mode), RPM (and higher-level tools like DNF or Yum) work with a separate database of packages, not actually by looking at the system. Try adding --allowerasing and --best to your system-upgrade command line.

If that doesn't work, try:

dnf remove fwupdate-efi.i686

... which will probably work if you are on an x86_64 system and just happen to have the i686 package also installed.

This won't work if you have an i686 system, because it will try to basically remove the world.

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It should not remove the world. Nothing really requires fwupdate-efi/ To be sure, run dnf with the --noautoremove option.

dnf --noautoremove remove fwupdate-efi
villykruse gravatar imagevillykruse ( 2018-05-04 00:21:43 -0500 )edit

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