Fedora28 dracut-initqueque[411] cryptsetup for LUKS fails at boot

asked 2018-04-30 11:21:03 -0500

EMartin gravatar image

Using Fedora28 beta (security lab flavour) about couple of days, just installed proprietary nvidia-drivers (although survived a reboot after that).

Encrypted LUKS /dev/sda3, on boot do not accept password either in Plymouth or CLI, after 2nd attempt falls to cli where: systemd 234 fail see journalctl for details (cannot read full phrase due to incorrect vga mode for my monitor) and then like this (my photo):

image description

I've tried to add timeout=30s, then 120s, and re-check all boot args, add debug, re-write drive mapping (UUID checked from live distro - gparted - info), best result I achieved - fallback without not so much errors, but still no shell..

My /sda is splitted to (sda1),(sda2),(sda3-encrypted root), can I just mount sda3 from live distro to save data and reinstall system making new partition table on /sda not to mess with chroot? How can I mount my LUKS to other system beind other user (do not remember UID in that unstallation), booted from livecd?

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