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Can't boot Fedora 27 from external hard

asked 2018-04-21 22:54:21 -0500


I have a laptop which runs windows 10 by default. I downloaded Fedora27 workStation live image + Fedora Media Writer for Windows. So, I created a live version on a USB memory. Using this live USB, I installed Fedora on my external hard. For the partition section, I clicked on "Click here to create them automatically" link. So, all of the partitions on external hard created automatically by fedora installation. Also setup a root password + user and done, but when the installation finished and I restarted my laptop, it cannot boot the Fedora and it shows an error for 1-2 seconds and says: can't find boot ...

my Laptop is on UFEI boot mode. it's also able to load form USB. I had the same steps for Ubuntu and I was able to load the OS from the external hard but not sure what should I do to boot Fedora from my external hard.

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answered 2018-04-23 16:36:27 -0500

steveo314 gravatar image

Re do the install and follow this and see if it helps. Grub might not be installed correctly. Is Windows starting up instead??

Fedora with Windows 8/10

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Asked: 2018-04-21 22:54:21 -0500

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