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Kiwix fails to launch on Fedora 26

asked 2018-04-21 06:35:59 -0500

I'm trying to use the software Kiwix for offline access to Wikipedia, but it encounters an error on startup and fails to launch. It seems to be some conflict concerning zlib.

I have retrieved Kiwix (64-bit) from here:

XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /tmp/kiwix64/xulrunner/
/tmp/kiwix64/xulrunner/ version `ZLIB_1.2.9' not found (required by /lib64/
Couldn't load XPCOM.
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1 Answer

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answered 2018-08-20 12:42:07 -0500

Phoenix_masshhad gravatar image

updated 2018-08-20 13:10:43 -0500

Hi, I found the same issue on fedora28. I solved the problem in this way: rename the . In particular the commands are:

cd /your_directory_software/../xulrunner/ (the directory in which is present
sudo mv

After that the applications should work fine as in my case. Phoenix

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