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Gnome Desktop fails to load after uninstalling Bluez

asked 2018-04-04 20:25:12 -0500

fedman gravatar image

Summary After the initial install of Fedora 27, an audit shows that Bluez is installed. While the service is not enabled, an attempt at uninstalling causes the failure of the Gnome desktop to load on reboot.

There is no need for bluetooth and as good practice should be removed. Is this behavior typical of Bluez and if so, is there a way to safely remove without crashing the Gnome desktop?

Note: There are no error messages presented.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-04-05 13:19:16 -0500

ssieb gravatar image

gnome-shell requires bluez. How did you uninstall bluez without uninstalling gnome-shell and gdm as well? Or you did do that and that's why it won't work now?

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answered 2018-04-05 08:31:37 -0500

villykruse gravatar image

This not a decided by bluez as such, but rather it is the gnome project who has decided to require this packages together with a lot of other packages you may not really need

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