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Dell P2715Qt Flickers when using 4K @ 60Hz

asked 2018-03-30 09:59:16 -0500

solex gravatar image

updated 2018-04-01 12:14:54 -0500

I have the monitor mentioned above and a new Intel NUC7i7BNH with 16 GB Ram and 128 GB SSD. Running Fedora 27 with the latest patches.

I'm using a USB -C cable to Display Port, and the screen will occasionally flicker on and off and also display a gray bar across the screen

I have verified that there is no problem with the monitor or cable, this problem does not exist using a Dell laptop with Window 10 and have also ran through all diagnostics with a Dell technician. In addition the NUC has been updated to the latest BIOS.

When I switch to 30hz there is no problem, is there a way to get the latest Intel graphics drivers.

As a side and possibly note GNOME crashes every time a log in from a locked session. I have submitted many bugs and it appears that others are having the same problem.

Additionally I just install windows 10 on another drive (same Intel NUC). It had the same problem with flickering. I updated the "Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650" driver to the latest version 2/4/2018 and the problem has been eliminated.

What is the process of updating this driver on Fedora 27. I checked Fedora 28 beta and the driver has not been updated.


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answered 2018-04-02 08:43:43 -0500

ozeszty gravatar image

There's a couple of drivers and components responsible for creating, delivering and displaying image on screen (e.g. in-kernel drivers, DDX, mesa). In case of Intel graphics all of them are updated with the rest of Fedora updates, so keeping system up to date is essential.

Upcoming Fedora 28 has most of those drivers and components in newer versions, so you can test it using images from here:

If those issues occur also on F28 I'd report a bug on with inxi -SMGxxxz output, cable and screen model. Intel employees should be able to help, especially having some internal knowledge about fixes in windows driver.

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Thank you for responding.

I downloaded 4/4 build and the flickering is still a problem at 4k and 60hz, even during the startup which 27 does not do.

I will report the bug tonight.

solex gravatar imagesolex ( 2018-04-05 08:02:05 -0500 )edit

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