Fedora 27 on Macbook 12" Keyboard and Touchpad

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I have recently setup my computer to run both Fedora 27 and Mac OS, on different partitions. I was successful during installation, and the WiFi driver (brcmfmac) worked out of the box. However, I cannot manage to get Fedora to respond to any keyboard, or touch pad events on my laptop, only those from an external USB keyboard and mouse. Strangely enough, only the power button works on the laptop keyboard.

I have spent the last few days attempting to get this working, and I will outline my approaches below. I would very much appreciate any assistance in this area, as I am stuck on what to do next.

I believe that it is important to note that in my /proc/bus/input/devices file, the operating system appears to "see" the touchpad and native keyboard (I am using a Magic Keyboard via USB and Sensei USB gaming mouse currently, but wish to use the native laptop keyboard and mouse):

N: Name="SteelSeries Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse"
P: Phys=usb-0000:00:14.0-1.1.2/input3
S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.1/1-1.1.2/1-1.1.2:1.3/0003:1038:1369.0004/input/input7
U: Uniq=
H: Handlers=kbd event7
B: EV=1f
B: KEY=3f0003007f 0 0 483ffff17aff32d bf54444600000000 1 130f938b17c000 677bfad9415fed 9ed68000004400 10000002
B: REL=40
B: ABS=100000000
B: MSC=10

I: Bus=0003 Vendor=05ac Product=0267 Version=0110
N: Name="Apple Inc. Magic Keyboard"
P: Phys=usb-0000:00:14.0-1.1.4/input1
S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.1/1-1.1.4/1-1.1.4:1.1/0003:05AC:0267.0006/input/input8
U: Uniq=F0T54830AQ6G9KPAX
H: Handlers=sysrq kbd leds event8
B: EV=120013
B: KEY=10000 0 0 0 1007b00011007 ff9f217ac14057ff ffbeffdfffefffff fffffffffffffffe
B: MSC=10
B: LED=1f

I: Bus=001c Vendor=0000 Product=0000 Version=0000
N: Name="Apple SPI Keyboard"
P: Phys=applespi/input0
S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.4/pxa2xx-spi.0/spi_master/spi0/spi-APP000D:00/input/input9
U: Uniq=
H: Handlers=sysrq kbd leds event9
B: EV=120003
B: KEY=10000 0 0 0 6300001000 3800000000 710effd063c0001f ff7ffffffffffffe
B: LED=2

I: Bus=001c Vendor=0000 Product=0000 Version=0000
N: Name="Apple SPI Touchpad"
P: Phys=applespi/input1
S: Sysfs=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.4/pxa2xx-spi.0/spi_master/spi0/spi-APP000D:00/input/input10
U: Uniq=
H: Handlers=mouse1 event10
B: EV=f
B: KEY=e520 10000 0 0 0 0
B: REL=3
B: ABS=27f800000000003

Approach 1 - applespi/0.1

When reading on some online tutorials, many individuals recommended this library called "applespi", in this GitHub Repository. To my knowledge, this installation was successful, because when I perform dkms install -m applespi -v 0.1, I get the following output: Module applespi/0.1 already installed on kernel 4.15.8-300.fc27.x86_64/x86_64 ... (more)

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