Cannot run Initial Setup after Fedora 27 LXQt installation

asked 2018-03-17 07:26:18 -0500

Bajiru gravatar image

I have installed Fedora 27 LXQt in a virtual machine.

After the installation, Anaconda said that I have to restart the computer in order to use Fedora. I have put my user credentials and it says "User .... will be created".

After the reboot, Fedora boots normally, but the Initial Setup appears only for under half a second and then it goes straight to the login screen. My guess is that it created the user during instalation, so it skips this step, but there is no user when I go to login.

I tried creating my user using the useradd command in tty1, but I cannot login. After I press Enter, it gets me back to the login screen.

Any ideas? I'm a total newbie with Fedora. I have some experience with Ubuntu, but Fedora seems totally different to me, so any help is going to be appreciated.

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