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is there any linux-lts package in fedora ?

asked 2018-03-09 11:50:36 -0500

SMIT gravatar image

In arch linux there are packages like linux and linux-lts . I wonder if there are the same packages fedora too ? I never used Fedora before So just wanted to know before use.

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-03-09 13:21:59 -0500

florian gravatar image

You mean if there are LTS (long term support) kernels in Fedora? The answer is no.

Fedora keeps constantly pulling in new kernels, and is even re-basing to new kernel releases within one Fedora release.

See current kernels :

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answered 2018-03-09 13:28:43 -0500

fcomida gravatar image

This question has been answered many times. Fedora is a fast moving target showcasing (and often promoting/developing) bleeding-edge technologies from the free software world. There's no concept of long term support in Fedora land (kernel included). RHEL and CentOS, derived from Fedora, are more suited for users/organizations that value rock solid stability and reliability.

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