Do not load x11. The system stops on the boot screen

asked 2018-02-22 09:56:55 -0500

Xoppop gravatar image

After upgrading Fedora 24 to Fedora 26. When the system boots, x11 does not start. The system load is stopped by 76%. I can enter into the console ctrl + alt + 9.

From the console it turns out to start x11. In the system boot logs, I did not find anything, there is not even an attempt to start GDM.

The system is loaded over the network, the root is mounted on nfs. So load several other computers. Several computers are not loaded, several loading, video cards are the same for all.

I do not understand where the problem is. With x11 I started to work recently, where I can not find a search. What makes a search does not help me.

cmdline journal systemd-dump sistemd-test

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