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How to change default player for video stream

asked 2018-02-17 10:49:11 -0500

ggossamer gravatar image

Hi, I'm using vlc for the default video application, but I believe it has a problem with my HD HomeRun tuner application for streaming video. I'd like to change it to use mplayer or totem or another application, but can't figure out how.

The most recent guides and posts online are from at least 2014 which no longer apply. I've checked "Default Applications" from within "Settings" and it is set to "Videos" but nothing happens when I attempt to play a stream using the HD HomeRun application. When VLC was the default, it played, but there was significant drop-out. "Videos" is selected as the default application for video files like mpeg and mkv, but I don't know if that's the case with streaming video.

I'm using fedora27 with X11 started with startx. I believe I'm using gnome.

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answered 2018-02-18 06:31:41 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image

It depends on how HD HomeRun decides what the default application is. If it picks the application from the default xdg list, you should be able to change it using settings, or the xdg-mime tool. If it requires you to configure it in its configuration file, you'll have to supply the information there.

I'm not entirely sure if Videos supports streaming without the installation of additional plug-ins, so that may be why it doesn't work. With VLC or MPV, the command is simply vlc <URL> or mpv <URL>.

You can try MPV, and if the lag persists, it may not be the app at fault but the stream/network instead.

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