change colors in lxqt fedora 27

asked 2018-02-13 23:40:25 -0500

hi, I installed fedora 27 lxqt spin in vbox. every thing is good, I changed the window manager from open box to KWIN_X11 in "sessions and startup" menu. Rebooted every thing is fine, getting the breeze style and all. cool. How do I change the colors of the QT system? I used "kcmshell5 colors" it is not showing the colors module as installed. I installed kde-cli-tools rpm package to get the kcmshell5 command and after that I am able to even change KWIN related configurations etc. I have also done complete update of the system, all packages up to date after installing. Any help on what package I am missing to install?

thanks, harishkumar

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