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How to install geckodriver and selenium webdriver?

asked 2018-02-08 05:39:34 -0500

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My fedora is 23, 64 bits. How can I install geckodriver? I tried downloading from the link Then I extracted the file. After this I went to the terminal and insert chmod +x geckodriver and sudo mv geckodriver /usr/local/bin/ Now I don't know what to do, if it worked or not, I don't know, if someone help me to finish this. By the way, I want to install Selenium for python, which I already have python in my computer, all I have to do is install the Selenium, and I already did pip install -U selenium and it was succeed. Again, I don't know what to do to configure it.

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answered 2019-04-25 02:55:13 -0500

updated 2019-04-25 02:57:56 -0500

There's no special kind of configurations that you need to do after installing it, you just use selenium and it will know how to execute it since it's now in PATH. So from inside your python script, you'd do:

from selenium import webdriver
driver = webdriver.Firefox()

It's an old question, but I stumbled upon when I was searching, so it might benefit other people.

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