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Global terminal shortcut

asked 2018-02-06 10:33:59 -0500

jrudolph gravatar image

I'd love to set up a "global" shortcut that launches my favorite terminal (let's say it's gnome-terminal).

Now, I came across the general terminal shortcut instructions but what I really want is a shortcut that:

  • if terminal is already running, focus it
  • if terminal is not running, launch and focus it

Is this possible? I want the shortcut to work from all (most is fine as well) apps.

Side note, does anyone know if there's a "quake mode "(where the terminal slides in from the top, overlaid on all current windows)?

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answered 2018-02-08 03:10:21 -0500

solisas gravatar image

I think you need to use two separate shortcuts for that. But you can make two that are directly next to each other. Add your terminal short cut to to the keyboards setting.

With the Dash to Dock extension you can use a shortcut to focus on specific applications if you don't want to use Alt-Tab. Place the terminal in your favorites menu. You can then use Super + number[0-9] to focus your open terminal. See the extension settings.

Alternatively you might be able to use a script, but I don't know how to manipulate windows with Bash.

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