Using a scanner from a remote desktop

asked 2018-02-04 07:26:48 -0500

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I have multiple scanners set up on an F27 machine. When logging into that machine from its keyboard / display, and using xsane, everything works fine with all the scanners behaving as expected. The same user, logged in from a remote machine (another F27 machine, via SSH), runs xsane but no scanners appear. The same occurs using VNC. if xsane has been run locally FIRST, then the remote session will get access to the scanners. Running remotely as root does not work either.

I've also tried setting up xsaned, but this seems to suffer the same effect, so no scanners appear to the daemon when connecting from the remote machine (making it a less than useful service). I guess this is deliberate behavior, but it seems to erroneously defeat xsaned as a side effect. I would like to know why this happens and how to defeat it.

Scanners are SCSI / USB & IEEE1394 devices.

PS I've tried ... disable Firewalls, disable SELinux, checked for messages in the log files

Always had the same issue, probably since F21

TIA dave

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Why don't you share your scanners using saned?

fcomida gravatar imagefcomida ( 2018-02-04 20:36:05 -0500 )edit