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wget proxy

asked 2018-01-26 07:38:39 -0500

serena gravatar image

Hi, I am new on Fedora and I need to configure properly inside at my work place that uses proxy settings. The aim, is to install software and drivers on Linux26 xfce that should be accessible to users.

The workstation has to disks - the second disk corresponds to the sbd1 with /home directory and it has been password encrypted. - I am at the stage to configure the network, and all what is required to be able to use the proxy server. Can someone tell me what are the ´Best Practice`configure the system firefox and wget, exactly where: wide or local? to prevent vulnerabilities? Thank you for the help

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answered 2018-01-26 16:24:28 -0500

ssieb gravatar image

What vulnerabilities do you think there are? If you set the system proxy in the network settings, then Firefox and most other graphical applications will use that. Command line applications (like wget and dnf) will need to be individually configured although most will accept the http_proxy environment variable if that is set.

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