My external hard disks corrupted my non-root user account

asked 2018-01-25 09:15:22 -0500

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Greetings, y'all!

I connected my two external HDDs to my Fedora 27 machine and the result is terrible - first of all, it logged me off my account. Secondly, I can't login to my non-root account anymore. Whenever I enter the password, a black screen appears and I'm redirected to the login manager. Now I'm logged into the root account - which is a enormous security risk - but the Operating System left me no other choice. Can anyone help me fixing this problem?

FYI, I don't do any overclocking or uncommon modifications to the OS. BTW, I'm facing yet another problem - I can't install wine because there seem to be conflicting packages.

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We need more infos. So you connected two hard disks with what filesystems on them? Have you been asked to mount them? Being unable to login again is probably due to wrong permissions of files in your /home . Try logging in a virtual terminal: ctrl-F2 and check owner/permissions of your home. Still wondering what has happened though...

fcomida gravatar imagefcomida ( 2018-01-25 18:41:00 -0500 )edit

Try creating a new user account, log out and see if you can log in with it. If so, there's some problem with your home folder, although it's hard to see how connecting the drives would mung things like that. Are they formatted for Windows or Linux?

sideburns gravatar imagesideburns ( 2018-01-26 01:17:14 -0500 )edit