LUKS prompt not shown

asked 2018-01-23 06:38:57 -0500

For a fresk install of Fedora 27, with encrypted disk, I can't get to LUKS password prompt, except by choosing "rescue" in grub menu, or by removing "quiet" from the default grub entry.

  • In case of regular boot, I wait long, and if pressed "Esc", I get the following error: "Failed to start Cryptography Setup for luks-d28a1a4a-146a-4f5a-98f0-f45161ed514e"

  • In case of "rescue", I get access to the graphical password prompt.

  • In case of "quiet" removal, I get access to command line password prompt.

I'm on Dell inspiron 15R, with Intel Graphics ( rev. 09 ).

Any thoughts ?

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