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asked 2018-01-22 07:12:44 -0500

akryte gravatar image

Hello everyone!

I'm having a problem running airodump-ng in terminal. I've have done the following : ifconfig wlp3s0 down / iwconfig wlp3s0 mode monitor / ifconfig wlp3s0 up : And also used the following command : airmon-ng check wlp3s0 : to kill the running programs. When i run airodump-ng in terminal i get this message on my screen, look down below I marked it with a | > | arrow sign, ''Illegal instruction (core dumped)''. Can someone please explain to me in detail what I've done wrong, I'm not actually that knowledgeable when it comes to troubleshooting because I'm a newbie. Any help would be appreciated!

[root@localhost AKryte]# iwconfig wlp3s0 wlp3s0 IEEE 802.11 Mode:Monitor Frequency:2.442 GHz Tx-Power=15 dBm
Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:off

[root@localhost AKryte]# airodump-ng wlp3s0

| > | Illegal instruction (core dumped)

[root@localhost AKryte]#

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-01-24 08:58:18 -0500

demahom03 gravatar image

try to trigger the monitor mode with airmon-ng start "your wireless interface" and see if it works

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answered 2018-04-02 14:00:53 -0500

Risto gravatar image

Tried “airmon-ng start ‘wireless interface’” and it did change the wlp2s0 to wlp2s0mon BUT airodump-ng wlp2s0mon still gives the same error - Illegal instruction (core dumped). Any ideas? Can it be outdated BIOS ?

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