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Error while trying to enable to "Start Tweeting" feature

asked 2018-01-14 17:42:43 -0500

nemesys gravatar image

updated 2018-01-14 20:08:16 -0500

I receive the following error message when I try to enable the "Start Tweeting" feature on the website.

URL: Error Message: Internal server error system error log is recorded, error will be fixed as soon as possible please report the error to the site administrators

I am using Mozilla Firefox browser on Fedora 27.

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answered 2018-01-14 18:49:23 -0500

sideburns gravatar image

Welcome to ask.fedora. The message you received is an internal server error, meaning that something went wrong on the server that hosts this site. You did nothing wrong, the error has been recorded and will be dealt with, probably within the hour. Just try again, and it will probably work. If not, just be patient and the issue will be resolved without any actions on your part.

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Thank you. I have been seeing this error since yesterday actually. I get the same error message when I try to change my profile picture. I understand why I might be getting this error and will wait for the issue to be resolved. I reported the issue in case it hadn'e been notified to the site administrators earlier.

nemesys gravatar imagenemesys ( 2018-01-14 19:07:01 -0500 )edit

I have been getting a similar error for some time now. See . Been patient for over a year now. ;-)

markito3 gravatar imagemarkito3 ( 2018-01-14 19:37:07 -0500 )edit

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