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cannot reinstall Fedora 26 xfce workstation with an encrypted /home volume

asked 2018-01-09 12:25:46 -0500

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Dear all, I am new on linux/fedora systems adm, and thus I would appreciate your help for fixing my problem. Due to the fact that I could not upgrade my previous Fedora 26xfce kernel of my office workstation, by using the command ´sudo dnf upgrade --refresh´as root. But, even after doing the ´dnf clean´, I got the same ERROR message: Failed to synchronize cache for repo ´updates. So I decided to reinstall everything from scratch, using the fedora 26 Live iso for workstations. The fact is that at the time, when i was doing manual partitioning, and I decided to encrypt a external 2 TBi that was used as /home for the user (admin). What happened next, was that, after carefully selecting the language (German, keyboard), this setting was not recognized in the the new setup, and the dnf message still was appearing. But the major problem now, is that, I cannot reinstall the fedora 26 xfc again to remove the encryption configuration, when I run ANAconda via the UserLive, I just get a black screen with the job running in the ´background`. Can anyone tell me how can I overcome the encryption problem? Also, does anyone has any idea why I cannot run dnf? Could it be the proxy config of my workplace? Thank you for all the help.

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answered 2018-01-10 09:59:09 -0500

Hi, For the DNF part, take a look at this documentation How to Use dnf Command With A Proxy Server to setup the proxy for DNF. That should be enough. First, make sure you are actually able to access the internet from that box.

About the installation, sorry, I just don't get it, how is that the installation is not working because DNF is running? Are you using a Live media? Re-using an encrypted filesystem is really straight forward in the Fedora installer, you just need to provide the credentials.

Give it a try to the proxy thing, re-installing the whole system just because you cannot access the internet.


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