why does schroot fail to end a session?

asked 2018-01-03 04:39:54 -0500

phobos13 gravatar image
[foo@localhost ~]$ schroot -c devel
(devel)foo@localhost:~$ logout
E: 10mount: umount: /var/lib/schroot/mount/devel-a7e97ec6-971f-4846-af1f-c603787c83de/tmp: not mounted.
E: devel-a7e97ec6-971f-4846-af1f-c603787c83de: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-stop
[foo@localhost ~]$ schroot -l --all-sessions
[foo@localhost ~]$ schroot -e --all-sessions
[foo@localhost ~]$ schroot -l --all-sessions
[foo@localhost ~]$

before logout this directory actually was mounted! after logout it's not mounted anymore and the session still exists since the error probably canceled the closing process. how to fix this? my current workaround is to end all sessions after logout.

here's the chroot definition in /etc/schroot/schroot.conf:

description=devel schroot
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