Fedora 26 and Deja-Dup Backup

asked 2017-12-28 00:51:45 -0500

GRS gravatar image

I have configured two machines both with Fedora 27 64 bit as workstations A and B. One machines "A" is to be my workstation and the other "B" I am going to use to store backups. Both machines has sshd up an running and I can log in to machine B from machine A and the other way around. The first initial back up works fine but subsequent backup (Daily) fails. I get asked for a password to start the backup it then looks as if it starts but then says "permission denied". I know the password I enter is correct (have tied others but all fail as well) Tried to set it up with "remember the password" button ticked but seems to ignore it. Both machines have fixed IP addresses and use SSH as the type of service ie ssh://192.168....../home/backup data machine A.

Any ideas as to where to look to isolate and fix this issue?

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