Fedora 27 smart USB/token drivers?

asked 2017-12-21 09:48:27 -0500

vaseer gravatar image

Hi. I am new to Fedora and I am trying to install drivers for Gemalto IDBridge K50 smart USB/token. From local support company I got .deb package, that was working on Ubuntu 14.04 (previous OS). They do not have .rpm package.

I don't find correct package/driver for Ferdora 27. Gemalto page http://support.gemalto.com/index.php?...shelltokenv2#.Wjgs2NiZaQ/ says:

libccid libraryThis USB CCID device is supported by the libccid library. This library provides a PC/SC IFD handler implementation for the USB smart card interface devices compliant to the CCID protocol.Gemalto is actively involved in the development and improvement of this library. This library is packaged and distributed by most of the Linux distributions.

I need help finding correct package to use with IDBridge K50. Please advise.


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