micro dropout's playing video's or card games

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updated 2017-12-16 19:28:31 -0500

I notice problems with graphic output under F27 since some time.
I mean I hadn't this with F27 Beta (~ Oct. 2017)

Hardware is an Intel HD Graphics 530 (GT2) 6 th Generation Intel.

If I play video's or card games I notice micro dropout's.
Video plays 2 seconds fluidly, then pauses/stucks for a ~1/4 second, plays 2 seconds fluidly, pauses/stucks for a ~1/4 second, and so on.

it seems like a video-buffer isn't constantly filled to play videos smooth.

I exclude hardware error, cause the box is just an half year old and I tested a card game under windows 7 without dropouts.

I tested an elder kernel ~4.13.x without an solution.
I tested under wayland and Xorg-Gnome.

F27 is up date.

Any hints to debug/troubleshoot this ?


This is bug is also reproducible in an terminal via "man man" and constantly scrolling the pages up or down.
it scrolls some line (~2 seconds), stops, scrolls some lines, stops ...
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