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Airprint Printer not working (Canon imageClass MF733Cdw)

asked 2017-11-29 05:02:57 -0500

tsmock gravatar image

updated 2017-12-02 13:26:34 -0500

I have a Canon imageClass MF733Cdw that supposedly supports Airprint. Selected (modified) output from "avahi-browse -art > discovered":

= enpXsY IPv4 Canon MF731C/733C UNIX Printer local
hostname = [Canone3449c.local]
address = [{REDACTED}]
port = [515]
txt = ["UUID={REDACTED}" "PaperMax=legal-A4" "Punch=0" "Staple=F" "Sort=F" "Collate=F" "Bind=F" "PaperCustom=T" "Duplex=T" "Copies=T" "Color=T" "TBCP=F" "Binary=F" "Transparent=F" "usbMDL=MF731C/733C" "usbMFG=Canon" "adminurl=http://{HOSTNAME}:80/airprint.html" "pdl=application/octet-stream,image/urf,image/pwg-raster,image/jpeg,application/pdf" "product=(CNMF731C/733C)" "ty=Canon MF731C/733C" "priority=30" "qtotal=1" "note=" "txtvers=1"]

= enpXsY IPv4 Canon MF731C/733C Internet Printer local
hostname = [Canone3449c.local]
address = [{REDACTED}]
port = [631]
txt = ["mopria-certified=1.2" "printwfds=T" "rfo=ipp/faxout" "kind=document,envelope,postcard" "URF=ADOBERGB24,CP255,DM1,PQ4,RS300,SRGB24,W8-16,FN3,IS1-4,OB10-40,V1.4" "Fax=T" "Scan=T" "TLS=1.2" "usbCMD=LIPSLX,CPCA" "UUID={REDACTED}" "PaperMax=legal-A4" "Punch=0" "Staple=F" "Sort=F" "Collate=F" "Bind=F" "PaperCustom=T" "Duplex=T" "Copies=T" "Color=T" "TBCP=F" "Binary=F" "Transparent=F" "usbMDL=MF731C/733C" "usbMFG=Canon" "adminurl=http://Canone3449c.local:80/airprint.html" "pdl=application/octet-stream,image/urf,image/pwg-raster,image/jpeg,application/pdf" "product=(CNMF731C/733C)" "ty=Canon MF731C/733C" "priority=10" "qtotal=1" "note=" "rp=ipp/print" "txtvers=1"]

What I've tried: using modified PPD file from Apple dmg file, Generic IPP Everywhere Printer, Generic PDF Printer

Notes: I can print to it via Google Cloud Print, but not all applications see that printer. I got it working under Ubuntu after I installed the "printer-driver-all" package.

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3 Answers

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answered 2017-11-29 14:36:33 -0500

villykruse gravatar image

updated 2017-11-30 00:32:21 -0500

You need to let cups create the ppd file from information retrieved from the printer. A generated ppd may look something like this:

*PPD-Adobe: "4.3"
*FormatVersion: "4.3"
*FileVersion: "2.2"
*LanguageVersion: English
*LanguageEncoding: ISOLatin1
*PSVersion: "(3010.000) 0"
*LanguageLevel: "3"
*FileSystem: False
*PCFileName: "ippeve.ppd"
*Manufacturer: "Brother"
*ModelName: "Brother DCP-J4120DW"
*Product: "(Brother DCP-J4120DW)"
*NickName: "Brother DCP-J4120DW, driverless, cups-filters 1.13.4"
*ShortNickName: "Brother DCP-J4120DW"
*ColorDevice: True
*cupsVersion: 2.2
*cupsSNMPSupplies: False
*cupsLanguages: "en"
*cupsFilter2: "image/pwg-raster image/pwg-raster 0 -"
*cupsFilter2: "image/urf image/urf 100 -"
*cupsFilter2: "image/jpeg image/jpeg 0 -"
*OpenUI *PageSize: PickOne
*OrderDependency: 10 AnySetup *PageSize
*DefaultPageSize: A4


One way to do this is using lpadmin:

lpadmin -m everywhere -v ipp://printername/... -p printername

I have used system-config-printer to configure such a printer, so that is another way. It may need to have the avahi service running.

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Unfortunately, neither one works for me.

What I tried:

lpadmin -p Canon-imageClass_MF733Cdw -E -v "${IPADDRESS}/ipp/print" -m everywhere

and got lpadmin: Unable to create PPD file: No such file or directory

tsmock gravatar imagetsmock ( 2017-11-29 19:12:09 -0500 )edit

My lpadmin command was not correct, so fixed. In your case, it depends on what the value of IPADDRESS is.

I just tried:

sudo lpadmin -v ipp:// -p ccc -m everywhere

Although I should have done

sudo lpadmin -v ipp:// -p ccc -m everywhere

In your case:

sudo lpadmin -v ipp://Canone3449c.local/ipp/print -p Canon-imageClass_MF733Cdw -m everywhere

In you avahi listing I would have expected port = [631] rather than port = [515]. 515 is the old lpd protocol port and 631 is the new ipp port.

villykruse gravatar imagevillykruse ( 2017-11-30 00:55:18 -0500 )edit

Still got the same thing.

If it is using the 515 port, I wonder if the port is causing issues, or it only claims airprint support? (I don't have an apple device to test with).

tsmock gravatar imagetsmock ( 2017-11-30 05:41:23 -0500 )edit

Try connect to the web interface of the printer and check the protocol settings.

Do a google search for mf632cdw airprint and that should give some pointers to some howtos.

The avahi brower should show something like

=   eth0 IPv4 ccc @ mybox     ` Internet Printer`    local

Where the phrase Internet Printer means ipp support. The word UNIX Printer means `lpd support.

villykruse gravatar imagevillykruse ( 2017-11-30 10:36:47 -0500 )edit

When I reran "avahi-browse -art > discovery.txt" on Ubuntu, I got "Internet Printer" along with "UNIX Printer" -- I ended up running it under Ubuntu after installing "printer-driver-all" (this enabled the printer to actually work under Ubuntu). Is there an equivalent for Fedora for troubleshooting purposes?

I took a look at

Ubuntu also had issues with the 733Cdw before that as well.

tsmock gravatar imagetsmock ( 2017-12-01 20:08:51 -0500 )edit

answered 2018-10-15 03:57:54 -0500

Waoo!! thanks for the solution I also need this, for my printer now its working canon image class, after doing this and the setup with the help of printer not activated error code 30 thanks both of you.

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