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f27 vmlinuz boot image crashes every time I boot

asked 2017-11-25 10:43:08 -0500

updated 2017-11-25 12:33:08 -0500

I recently installed Fedora Workstation 27 (iso 1.6) on a new laptop. This is the first time I use Fedora, I installed it to try and learn more about it but at the moment I am pretty new at it. The problem is that whenever I log I get the following error:

We 're sorry, it looks like BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-4.13.13-300.fc27.x86_64 crashed. Please contact the developer if you want to report the issue.

The Problem reporting tool by Gnome says that the error is not reportable because it is a hardware error (mce). I searched the Web for a solution and found that I could get logs for the error from journalctl which I did though:

journalctl -b > journalctl.txt

The resulting text file was 2.5k lines but fortunately contains only 9 mentions of mce string. I am copying all those relevant lines below, leaving a blank line whenever there are omitted lines in between:

Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: mce: CPU supports 7 MCE banks

Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: smpboot: CPU0: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N4200 @ 1.10GHz (family: 0x6, model: 0x5c, stepping: 0x9)
Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 0: Machine Check: 0 Bank 4: a600000000020408
Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC 0 ADDR fef13580 
Nov 25 15:45:04 ifestos kernel: mce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:506c9 TIME 1511624701 SOCKET 0 APIC 0 microcode 26

Nov 25 15:45:09 ifestos audit[1]: SERVICE_START pid=1 uid=0 auid=4294967295 ses=4294967295 subj=system_u:system_r:init_t:s0 msg='unit=mcelog comm="systemd" exe="/usr/lib/systemd/systemd" hostname=? addr=? terminal=? res=success'

Nov 25 15:45:09 ifestos mcelog[643]: mcelog: Family 6 Model 92 CPU: only decoding architectural errors

Are these errors indicators of a serious problem? If so any idea as to how I can start fixing them? Or should I return the laptop back to the vendor?

Are those errors just warnings I should ignore? If so is there any way (e.g. a boot parameter for grub) that would prevent vmlinuz from crashing at every boot?

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How much RAM is installed in the machine? If there are more than one SIMM, it might be instructive to remove one, boot, and see if the behavior is different. Then swap one SIMM for the other and see what its behavior is.

wallyk gravatar imagewallyk ( 2017-11-25 21:32:04 -0500 )edit

I only have 8Gb of ddr3 ram installed (checked lshw) in one slot.

iolaum gravatar imageiolaum ( 2017-11-26 16:16:38 -0500 )edit

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answered 2017-11-25 21:47:25 -0500

wallyk gravatar image

There is a bugzilla report matching your symptoms. While the bug is not definitively identified for one user (the initial reporter of the issue), another user seems to determine that the problem is with an errant BIOS. See Try updating your BIOS and see if the problem goes away.

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