Unexpected pop-up: "Hotspot Login" but connected to network by cable

asked 2017-11-24 01:18:56 -0500

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I just sat down at my office workstation to find this pop-up had appeared overnight:

Mysterious pop-up

I'm connected to the LAN and internet via ethernet cable rather than Wifi. In fact, I have never connected via Wifi and doubt this computer even can. The only information I found about it online were this Fedora-related post and this OpenSUSE question. Apparently it's related to Network Manager.

On clicking the link, it briefly flashed something like "NetworkManager is online" and then disappeared. There seem to be have been no consequences.

This is on a machine on which I originally installed Fedora 25 and have since upgraded from the command line to 26 and to 27 earlier this week. But given those other posts, I don't think it's a particular new occurrence in GNOME.

Anyway, why has this pop-up appeared and do I need to worry at all?

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I'm getting the same issue every so often, but I'm on wifi. Odd question: do you have a google chromecast on your network?

theroark gravatar imagetheroark ( 2017-11-25 23:04:47 -0500 )edit

No, there is no Chromecast on this network as far as I know. This PC is connect to the LAN for our research group that's then connected to the University network but I don't know more about the network layout. There is one other Fedora user in the group who's currently away so I'll ask if he's been seeing it too.

warrickball gravatar imagewarrickball ( 2017-11-27 03:44:04 -0500 )edit

Ok. Hopefully someone else has an idea. I have had the same issue. I thought perhaps it was the wifi trying to connect to a local Chromecast.

theroark gravatar imagetheroark ( 2017-11-29 21:34:31 -0500 )edit

Been having the same issue and get the pop-up every once in a while. Wonder if someone has found a solution.

Samurai gravatar imageSamurai ( 2018-06-04 19:50:44 -0500 )edit