Dual monitor setup isn't working properly

asked 2017-11-20 16:36:13 -0500

HesusFTW gravatar image

Hello everyone, I just added my second monitor to my Fedora Workstation 26 (Gnome based), when I open my monitors at start-up everything is working fine and dandy but when I start to close them at various times, i get freezes or lock-outs, let me explain. If i only start with my main monitor on, and the second one turned off (or open it at the login screen) the OS/or better yet Gnome refuses to let me enter, and it's seems like the desktop is going to appear, but the login screen reapers. If i shut off one of my monitors while the other is working nothing goes bad, but if: * i turned it back on again --> no signal and it will never recover; * if i close the other one as well and try to open then again later --> fedora freezes and I have to restart.

Oh I remembered a problem from when I had a single monitor but I guess it can happen with two as well, if i don't open my monitors before the OS reaches login screen, they won't get video signal at all and I have to restart.

Can someone advise me what to do next?

Please note the following: I have an Intel i7-7700 Kaby Lake and I depend on the integrated graphics for whom I have installed Intel drivers from https://download.01.org/ (Intel open source technology center). I am running Fedora Workstation 26 with latest updates.

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