How to set up an active directory and file transfer system

asked 2017-11-20 11:24:56 -0500

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Hi everyone,
I would like to have some help/advice in dealing with group management and active directory groups.

I need to add a user active domain into three workstations that will run under Linux (Fedora 26 Xfce). Which active directory provider do you recommend to work best in this scenario, attending also to the fact that, I would like to create some filters, like creating private home directories for every user (I don´t know if that is possible)?

In addition to this, one of these three workstations should work as local repository (temporary backup system), which should be in sync with the X-ray control PC that is running under Cent OS6.6, which in turn, Collects X-ray diffraction data. The latter, is also linked by VNC (via a device server), to a second computer that controls our X-ray detector. Can the active directory interfere with this device server?

So far, one can log in externally into this CentOS PC, with the computer´s AD account and password, via the command ´ssh-X´, where one gets access to its home environment. Yet, I don´t know if this feature implies that there should be an Active Domain account (ADA) for this client already established.

Also, does anyone has any idea to which physical backup system (in sync) would be good for data images of 800 Kib/each, and with datasets of at least 500 Mbi?

Thank you. Susana

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