"Autocomplete" repeats the last pressed key

asked 2017-11-17 08:36:14 -0500

I recently installed Fedora 26 on my Lenovo T560. On my previous PC I was using it with Cinnamon, but now I decided to give GNOME a try.

I am a developer and I use one of the popular Java IDEs. And I noticed that while I am coding, when it tries to pop up a dialog with the autocomplete options and freezes for a fraction of a second, after the popup is shown, the latest button that I clicked before the "freeze" got repeatedly clicked as if I didn't un-press it.

For example, I print in the IDE: Sy (for System.out.println) and while the dialog pops I get something like Syyyyyyyyyyyy in my editor.

I first thought that it is an issue with the IDE, but I got exactly the same problem when I used Gmail in Chrome and when I tried to enter recipient's email address (and Chrome popped up proposals for that).

Could you tell me what could be the reason for that?

Thanks! Ivan

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