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Flickering in Dark Areas

asked 2017-11-15 06:38:36 -0500

danyo gravatar image

Hello everybody,

What I noticed, however, is that in dark areas of the screen, a slight flicker can be seen. I especially noticed this with the program Darktable, a RAW converter for Linux. But even after opening the terminal application, you can recognize this slight flicker. In bright areas, it probably just does not notice.

I have an Intel board, with Intel i7 processor (Ivy Bridge), a NVIDIA GTX 650 graphics card and have otherwise changed nothing else s.System. So I noticed this right after the basic installation.

Yesterday I tried Fedora 27, but there is the same behavior.

If I run Fedora under VirtualBox, everything is fine. So seems some driver problem? to be.

Under Arch Linux, Antergos or Manjaro I have never noticed this, neither with the Nouveau driver nor with the Nvidia driver. Although I wanted to use only the Nouveau driver at Fedora and have not tried there with the Nvidia driver.

Can someone help me here?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-11-16 14:23:38 -0500

Jos gravatar image

I had the same problem. It does show on dark wallpapers and specific in the left corner (below). On two screens btw. NVIDIA GTX 760, Gnome, i7 with 16 Gb ram and using the nvidia driver. (x-org) It also happens on the nouveau driver (wayland & xorg). I installed Fedora on a spare drive and the same problem occurs. I also installed Ubuntu 17.10 with Gnome and the same problem occurs! After installing the nvidia driver the problem was gone under Ubuntu.

The solution for me is not working with Ubuntu. I removed my nvidia card en connected my 2 screens directly to the motherbord outlets (i7 gpu). And that works. So the problem lies with nvidia i gues?

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