Boot now takes more than 2 minutes after adding second encrypted PV to LVM

asked 2017-11-11 13:10:35 -0500

I've scoured google for information, but I really don't even know how to ask the right questions.

I have a thinkpad x1 carbon (2016) with fedora and windows 10 in a dual-boot configuration. I shrunk the windows partition in increase the amount of space available for fedora. The free space on my hard drive was before the start of my fedora partition, but that's not a problem because I have an lvm. I can just create a new pv. I had set up fedora with luks, so when I created another PV, I used dm-crypt to encrypt it. I created a keyfile for that new crypt and tried to make dracut aware of it by creating a file "luks-keys.conf" in /etc/dracut.conf.d/ with the line install_items+=" /path/to/keyfile " I also added the appropriate entries to /etc/crypttab.

(more info about my setup can be found in this post I made here)

Now, when I boot fedora, it takes upwards of two minutes. After two minutes, "dracut initqueue timeout: starting timeout scripts" is output, and then the boot only takes a few seconds. Below is more information:

Any suggestions on how I can fix this and get my laptop to boot quickly again?

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