In fedora 26, the external microphon is not working on a combo jack

asked 2017-11-09 06:29:59 -0500

Act10n gravatar image

I've installed Fedora 26. The integrated microphone works fine. When I connect my headphone, I can hear the playback in the headphone, but its microphone is not picked up.

I find no options in sound settings to help with this problem.

FYI, the laptop is an Asus N550.

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Try using hdajackretask from alsa-tools package. Here's a walk-through:

ozeszty gravatar imageozeszty ( 2017-11-11 09:58:28 -0500 )edit

Thanks, I'm trying to use hdajackretask tool, by when I want to apply the changes, it fails with "Busy" message. I made sure that pulseaudio daemon is not running, but the device is still busy. Any helps on this?

Act10n gravatar imageAct10n ( 2017-11-27 04:17:01 -0500 )edit