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Screen crash during boot: WS 26 Live on Macbook Pro via USB

asked 2017-11-04 15:55:49 -0500

Newbie issue...

First boot of WS 26 Live via USB on Macbook Pro went great and was able to use the desktop, but no wireless, so I rebooted and enabled wireless at the boot disk select step, and then proceeded with the second boot into 26 Live.

On the second boot, the screen started blinking during boot at the point depicted in this screenshot: image description

and then seconds later, this happened: image description

Video specs: Intel HD Graphics 3000 built-in, AMD Radeon HD 6770 PCIe

Any ideas?

thanks Nebules

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-01-07 17:01:04 -0500

twic gravatar image

I also had this problem. It seems to be the same problem as discussed uner help booting live media on MacBook Pro 8,2? (hoping for dual boot).

I solved this by editing the kernel command line to disable the alsa-switch service, which is somehow interfering with graphics setup:

  1. Reboot, and wait for the boot menu
  2. Ensure the normal operating system option is highlighted
  3. Press 'e' to edit the item
  4. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the kernel command line (the line starting with linuxefi and ending with LANG=en_US.UTF-8)
  5. Add the text systemd.mask=alsa-state to the end
  6. Press F10 (the editor doesn't recognise the control key, so control-x doesn't work, but F10 does!)

After that, the system booted. Once it boots, in a terminal, run:

  1. systemctl mask alsa-state

After that, booting seems to work fine.

As an aside, i found it useful to follow this article about Enabling an Apple MBP Wireless Adapter with Fedora 25 (which still works on 27), and to read this article about how to Install Fedora 25 on MacBook Pro, although i haven't done everything in the list yet.

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