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Ho to add 'elrepo' to Fedora 26 ?(glibc = 2.17 is needed problem)

asked 2017-10-29 00:08:55 -0500

asn gravatar image

Hi, I have two prblems with my first installation ever of Fedora First I can not make KDE Plasma show video thumbnails and When I searched I found some 'ideas' but most involve having elreps repository installed so when I tried to do it I faced my Second problem:

sudo rpm -Uvh
error: Failed dependencies:
        glibc = 2.17 is needed by elrepo-release-7.0-3.el7.elrepo.noarch
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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-29 00:18:55 -0500

aeperezt gravatar image

You should not install elrepo or any Enterprise Linux repository (aka el7) repository to Fedora, your will get failing dependencies and other kind of errors, El repositories are for Centos or RedHat distros. You can install repositories if you need something that is not in Fedora.

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