How to enable a fully configured OpenVPN to connect automatically in Gnome?

asked 2017-10-24 12:35:12 -0500

avramoff gravatar image

For example, in the Desktop - including the Fedora Cinnamon Spin - there is an option in the WiFi and Ethernet Settings to "Connect Automatically To /the VPN profile of your choice if you have more than one?

And so, as, if I install the Cinnamon Desktop towards Fedora 26 Workstation's builtin Gnome 3.24 Desktop, as installing the Cinnamon Group with, 'sudo dnf install @Cinnamon-Desktop-Environment', I can set up from the Cinnamon Desktop Network Settings, the WiFi or Ethernet, when connecting automatically, to content automatically by default to my OpenVPN profile. And when login to the Gnome Desktop, these settings, made from Cinnamon Desktop, are fully working - the VPN connection is starting with the WiFi - and most importantly - these settings from Cinnamon, do not allow the VPN to stay dropped when it drops, and it automatically reconnects when happening to drop down...

So, howto and what to install in the original Fedora 26 Workstation on Gnome Desktop - in order to have that future, which obviously is lacking in Gnome, and this is a major future if you need a constant VPN always ON of your Internet connection?

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