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Internet problem with interface configured for ipv6 & ipv4

asked 2017-10-05 08:36:14 -0500

I was surprised to find that firefox v56.0 failed to access with "Secure Connection Failed" during TLS negotiation. I then tried to ping and noticed that ping was only receiving the ipv6 address.

Then I temporarily turned ipv6 processing off for my network interfaace - voila! I now can access to post this problem. Obviously, my temporary fix is not a solution to this problem.

I noticed the problem on October 3, many sites are affected.

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answered 2017-10-08 07:06:55 -0500

The connectivity issue with running ipv6 and ipv4 on the same interface is back.

The only reliable way to temporarily provide a fix is to disable ipv6 on the interface, for example to disable ipv6 on a wireless interface use

sudo sh -c 'echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/wlp3s0/disable_ipv6'

For now, that is what I will do - cheers to all!

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answered 2017-10-07 08:04:39 -0500

updated 2017-10-07 08:33:58 -0500

So, I ran dnf upgrade this morning, there was an upgrade to dnsmasq - dnsmasq.x86_64.2.76-5.fc26

Voila, I do not have to disable ipv6 on my interface to access or other sites that show ipv6 addresses and ipv4 address with nslookup. My ifconfig shows my active network interface configured for both ipv4 and ipv6 and ping gets an ipv4 address.

My take on this is that the weak ipv6 points in the Internet are software and network devices that can not yet handle ipv6. Much has been written about ipv6's packet segmentation which is entirely different from ipv4's approach and its negative effect on software that accommodates both ipv4 and ipv6.

Here is a link describing dnsmasq problems as of October 3, 2017 -

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