Fedora 26 as KVM host: multimonitor loss on RHEL 7.3 guest

asked 2017-09-13 07:03:24 -0500

Hello, I've just upgraded from F24 to F26. Most of my setup works fine.

I have a VM setup with a single QXL virtual GPU and a single Spice display server. In F24, I used to use the virt-viewer to spawn a second virtual screen on the VM from the View->Displays menu. I believe there were up to 4 tick-boxes for up to 4 virtual screens in total per a QXL GPU (I don't remember ever testing more that 2 screens in total on the VM).

Now on F26: With a single QXL GPU: I see only 1 tick-box = 1 virtual screen possible. With two QXL GPUs attached to the VM, I see 2 tick-boxes, but the VM won't use the secondary screen, just keeps waiting indefinitely with "Waiting for display 2.." message from virt-viewer. Xrandr won't detect screen 2 either.

I know from the past that the multiple-QXL-GPU way of doing this is meant for Windows guests. That's why I suspect the single-QXL-GPU multi-monitor setup should continue to work on F26 as before to support my old-style Linux VM. Am I doing anything wrongly?

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