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ext4-fs failed delayed block allocation dangerous? data lost?

asked 2017-09-06 03:04:22 -0500

awfed gravatar image

I have installed Fedora 26 Gnome on a ssd. root is on partition sdb4 separate from /home

on each boot dmesg shows: EXT4-fs (sdb4): Delayed block allocation failed for inode 323322 at logical offset 1197 with max blocks 3 with error 121 EXT4-fs (sdb4): This should not happen!! Data will be lost

extended test of ssd with smart passed. no error. fsck.ext4 for all paritions with ext4 passed with no error. gdisk -l /dev/sdb is ok

Is it really dangerous? Will data be lost?

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-01-13 10:39:28 -0500

Sometimes it's just a cheap "SSD Case/Adapter" [from the ssd to the computer].

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answered 2017-09-06 11:34:55 -0500

alextheoto gravatar image

smartctl -a /dev/sdb

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