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Fedora 26 won't boot and screen blinking after installing Nvidia drivers

asked 2017-09-02 23:44:32 -0500

vladimir gravatar image


Im new to Linux and have installed Fedora 26. I like it but first time I tried to login I got just a black screen so I found tutorial and disabled Nouveau. After that I logged in and I really like Fedora, but when I installed driver for Nvidia Geforce 6150SE from Rpmfusion, when I rebooted, screen started blinking and boot stuck at position where it starts things (i.e. "Starting Gnome graphic manager" or something similar, cant remember exactly what) so I pressed Ctr+Alt+F2 and removed drivers, rebooted and it booted normally. I looked on the internet for solution found someone with same problem but he solved it by disabling Nouveau and as I said mine is blacklisted already.

Any advice?

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4 Answers

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answered 2017-09-15 07:58:55 -0500

hedayat gravatar image

updated 2017-09-15 11:28:48 -0500

As others suggested, you might keep using nouveau if it is enough for your needs.

However, I guess you've installed the wrong driver. There are 3 different versions of nvidia driver, each supporting a different set of NVidia GPUs. You should install the one appropriate for your GPU.

I'd suggest installing akmod-nvidia-304xx from RPMFusion. If it didn't work, please give the output of following commands:

journalctl -lb 0
modprobe nvidia
lsmod | grep nvidia
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did you read all the comments? he has an older card, that will not work with newer drivers, his card takes a 304 series driver, and I do not think those drivers are current with the kernel in use as of now.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-09-15 08:56:15 -0500 )edit

Thank you for your notice. :) Well, not actually. :P I read it now. But AFAIK all 3 versions can be installed in Fedora, e.g. from rpmfusion akmod packages. Also, it seems that his card is actually supported by 304xx series.

I highly suggest installing 304 series from RPMFusion using dnf install akmod-nvidia-304xx, & rebooting. If it doesn't work, looking at dmesg and Xorg log will be helpful.

hedayat gravatar imagehedayat ( 2017-09-15 11:21:13 -0500 )edit

Please check these two links to learn about patched 304xxx series drivers, and decide what you need to do, HTH.

First Link - Nvidia Developers Forum Second Link - IfNotTrueThenFalseNvidiaInstallerGuide

Hopefully one of those will put you on the right track, to getting the video drivers installed. Good Luck

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-09-15 12:14:12 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-09-03 06:59:15 -0500

SteveEbey73701 gravatar image

run dnf list installed *nvidia* and then remove anything it finds with sudo dnf remove <packagename>, then follow the answer I posted in this link.

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I did like you said in linked post but I got this message:

Failed to run 'usr/sbin/dkms build -m nvidia -v 304.135 -k 4.12.9-300.fc26.x86_64': Kernel preparation unnecesery for this kernel. Skipping...

Build module: cleaning build area... make -j1 KERNElRELASE=4.12.9-300.fc26.x8664 module SYSSRC=/lib/modules/4.12.9-300.fcx8664/build.....(bad exit status: 2) Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 4.12.9-300.fc26.x8664 (x8664) Consult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/304.135/build/make.log for more information.

vladimir gravatar imagevladimir ( 2017-09-03 11:47:07 -0500 )edit

Much simpler, and recommended by the rpmfusion guide is dnf remove nvidia because that gets rid of it all at once. That doesn't prevent the error the OP reports, but it does make your job simpler, and avoids problems caused by missing a package.

sideburns gravatar imagesideburns ( 2017-09-03 17:11:24 -0500 )edit

i run installation on fresh installed system.

vladimir gravatar imagevladimir ( 2017-09-03 17:33:33 -0500 )edit

is your card too old to run the latest driver? I did not realize, I do not think those old drivers will run with current kernel. I am afraid i can not recommend a solution, beyond replacing your card with a newer one.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-09-03 22:27:48 -0500 )edit

I installed version 304.135 of the driver, thats version for my card. New card was my last option because Im just a poor studend :D Btw, solution you linked for installing driver from binary is the best, I found many solution for installing driver from binary and all of them gave some error at beginning of process some thing with modprobe, and your works fine except this I believe the problem is that you said: not supported. Btw, if I get some other card (non nvidia) will I have to install drivers manually or nouveau is enough?

vladimir gravatar imagevladimir ( 2017-09-03 23:18:11 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-09-04 09:37:02 -0500

you should use a open source driver in fact fedora use a open source driver because open source driver much better and safer some time you install a driver for hardware part like GPU then have problem black screen this problem just not in fedora project many linux distro or Windows system have this problem for fix this problem try install open source driver

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The open source driver for nvidia, is nouveau, and it is terrible. No hardware acceleraion, no 3d support of any kind, just overall a poor performance driver. why would anyone want that? the rpm drivers are based on nvidia binaries, but are not always kept current for kernel updates. If you see what is ahead for Fedora 27 you will notice that they are shifting away from nouveau to nvidia as the source for the drivers. F27 will use nvidia binaries as the primary driver, and fall back to nouveau, if nvidia fails for some reason.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-09-05 09:30:07 -0500 )edit

answered 2017-09-03 10:43:18 -0500

Make sure you disabled Nouveau correctly

I recommend to use free drivers to avoid inconsistency problems.

Also take a look at wiki

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@MrRolling, Nouveau is full of inconsistency, and why link a wiki to bumblebee, when he has not said it is a laptop. The model number of the card is a desktop card.

SteveEbey73701 gravatar imageSteveEbey73701 ( 2017-09-03 11:09:07 -0500 )edit

@bumblebee, not agree, I have no problem with Nouveau in my old PC. (I recommend using Free Software). and about Bumblebee , it's just a recommendation not solution :) also it's helpful for switch between two graphics adapters, (I didn't know Geforce 6150SE is only for Desktops)

haghighi gravatar imagehaghighi ( 2017-09-03 11:41:58 -0500 )edit

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