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How do I store HTML and related objects in repository

asked 2017-08-20 21:35:26 -0500

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Hi Guys I have tried the FAQ, but apologise if I missed the explanation. I'm brand new to Fedora and wondering how to store HTML objects (file + directory) in the repository. Allied to that, the HTML references complex data (directory of directories), how should they be stored and linked to the HTML (separate references or as a combined reference.

Cheers e

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answered 2017-08-21 04:07:48 -0500

Each Object has one element that denotes the definition of the object. The name of the element for the Definition is <def> and it has one attribute called Type. The Type attribute could have one of the following two values:- ParentObject or ChildObject. The <def> element itself has one or more elements that helps to describe the properties of the object (which we will see in detail shortly). Each element can have zero or more elements as its child elements. This hierarchical model replicates the DOM that a browser uses while representing objects. For example, the Mail link that was used at the beginning of the document has the following hierarchical model:- The FirstBrowser Browser object is at the top of the tree and is the parent element. It has a title of 'Submit a Bug'. It has a Frame with the name of 'Left' as its first child. This Frame itself has a child link with the text of 'Mail'

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